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Passez du WAN au SD-WAN crée-t-il des menaces de sécurité ?

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Moving from a traditional WAN network to an SD-WAN network can potentially create new security threats if appropriate security practices are not implemented and maintained.

By using Internet connections to connect remote sites instead of private connections such as MPLS lines, data can be exposed to additional risks such as cyber-attacks and data leakage. 

What's more, security management can become more complex as it has to be extended to remote Internet connections and local networks.

It is therefore important toimplement appropriate security practices to protect corporate data when migrating to an SD-WAN.

This can include encryption protocols to protect data in transit, firewallsto protect local and remote networks from malicious attacks, and security policies to restrict access to certain sensitive applications and data. It is also important to regularly maintain these security practices to ensure the protection of company data.

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Here are four benefits of SD-WAN security.

  1. Enhanced connection security : 

Encryption protocols are used to protect data in transit, making connections between remote sites and the central network even more secure.

  2. Preventing malicious attacks : 

SD-WAN devices can include advanced security features such as packet inspection, intrusion detection and data leakage prevention to protect local and remote networks against malicious attacks.

3. Controlling access to sensitive data : 

Users can configure security policies to restrict access to certain applications and sensitive data, thereby strengthening the security of sensitive company data.

4. Flexibility for security policies : 

SD-WAN technology enables greater visibility of traffic data by using dynamic routing algorithms to assess the quality of different network connections in real time. This enables users to configure flexible security policies to suit their business needs.

Backup links and SD-WAN

When a company has a fiber backup line or an online redundancy subscription, this can be used in conjunction with SD-WAN to optimize data routing.

Using SD-WAN's dynamic routing algorithms, it's possible to automatically switch to the backup line in the event of a failure on the main line, ensuring constant availability of critical applications.

What's more, by using line quality data to determine the best routes for traffic, the SD-WAN can optimize network performance by using the backup line for low-priority applications, leaving bandwidth available for critical applications on the main line.

In short, using a fiber backup line or an online redundancy subscription in conjunction with SD-WAN can improve network availability and performance for businesses.


A suitable, reliable SD-WAN solution can help solve many of the complex cybersecurity service issues organizations face when using public networks for sensitive workloads. 

This new secure technology can provide highly secure hybrid networks.

SD-WAN is becoming increasingly popular among cybersecurity assessment services. Businesses need fast, scalable and reliable branch-to-branch connectivity, at the lowest cost and with the highest quality. 

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