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SDSL ou ADSL : lequel choisir ?

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ADSL or SDSL: Which to choose?

xDSL links, such as ADSL and SDSL, are technologies that use the telephone network to transport data.

First of all, ADSL features asymmetrical throughput. This means that downloading from the Internet is faster than sending a file to a correspondent outside the company. In other words, there is much less demand on the upload direction, which is limited to around 1 Mbps.

The SDSL link offers symmetrical throughput in both directions.


  • It is generally used for on-site server hosting or applications using symmetrical flows such as voice over IP.
  • As a result, it is reserved for professional use, thanks to a number of features that guarantee the quality of service expected by businesses.


One of the advantages of the SDSL link is that you can get an upload speed of up to 20 Mbps.


A few other differences:

There's a guaranteed throughput for an SDSL link, which is not the case for ADSL.
What's more, the copper pair is dedicated for an SDSL link, whereas for an ADSL link it can be shared with a telephone or fax.

An SDSL link is a continuous connection, whereas ADSL is an on-demand connection.

Finally, the cost of a business ADSL link averages €45, while it starts at €140 for an SDSL link. This price difference is explained by the technologies used, which are more efficient for SDSL links than for ADSL links, due to the more demanding requirements of businesses.

In conclusion, a number of criteria need to be taken into account when choosing the type of link, such as the different flows the link must carry, the number of on-site users per application, and also the budget.

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