Wi-fi and firewalls in the Cloud and by subscription

Make IT your own

We virtualize your IT network, we create IT services tailored to your business and professional requirements



We provide a universal router all-in-one to your computer network as well as the number of wifi hotspots necessary. You tell us where you want to have Wi-fi, we commit on the cover ! Our equipment (router and wireless access points) is guaranteed during the entire duration of the subscription.

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Services by tools crafts
or by networks function

You choose the connectivity services you need for your business : connect an EPT, a tablet, videosurveillance, VOIP, a POS, or other equipment. We take care of the security required to associate with it. And of course you also have the option to choose your services by traditional functions IT that we customize according to your needs : filter access https, black list, white list, logs storage in compliance with the LCEN, wi-fi for your guests, enhanced security for people who are homeless, back-up automated, PRA and of course VPN inter-site and remote work.

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The web console lets you access and control your network 24/7. Access dedicated for your teams and external service providers. Our interface also integrates with your tools of tickets management. Many solutions of alerts are possible and integrated, ask us !

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Assistance & Expertise

Our tele-consultants will assist you by accompanying you in your daily network problems and, more generally, in your choice of network architecture and their evolutions. Upon request, our mobile teams and our network of skilled service providers, are also involved in less than 2 hours on your site.

Tell us about your business, we are putting in place the IT features that match you and more !

Equipment and Services Guaranteed

The third network revolution is here. The services previously installed in enclosures that piled up in your berries techniques such as routers, firewalls, controllers, wi-fi, storage etc is virtualisent now, simplifying the architecture of your IT, reducing as a consequence also the possibilities of failures and malfunctions, and even better, allowing you to subscribe only to what you really need. This opportunity is accelerated by the rapid development of optical fiber is that it is professional or the general public ; the flow brings it facilitates the implementation of these virtualized services by subscription.

Citypassenger is the global leader in the IT solution for the pro and by subscription but not only. Our mission is to transform your IT services that create value for your business. Our teams of experts are studying your requirements and specificities crafts to make the connectivity services, and more in integrating the functions networks to real value-added for your professional activities. All through a simple offer by subscription, in the end completely controlled by you and that match your business processes. 

You encounter one of these problems ?

They are the most classic and often due to a mismatch between your devices & IT network services with your business needs in daily life.

It can be complicated to make it simple, we create the most adapted solution and highlight your activity.

A too complex IT network is a bottleneck to your development

Turn your IT into an opportunity

How to get started ?

You hesitate and don't know where to start. Ask a diag. on-site by one of our roaming consultants. 

Onsite diagnosis Our consultant comes analyze your needs on site, IT network, coverage Wi-Fi and your business processes. It will then offer a complete solution that integrates : 
– fiber subscriptions (WAN),
– locations of wireless access points for optimal coverage (heatmap), a network architecture IT secure (LAN and WIFI),
– features the most optimal for your business needs and adapted to your business.
2) if appropriate, our deployment teams also manage the needs of wiring and on-site hardware installation.
3) We will accompany you for the implementation of production equipment. Beside of your teams, we can ensure that the supervision of our materials and equipment are connected with an SLA (service tailored to your professional needs.

Check out our offers for package

Offers turnkey or customized

Develop your own solution

Your WAN, LAN and WI-fi in SaaS

Wi-fi, and firewall managed to professionals, ask us your questions !

You have a matter of network architecture, or on one of our services ? You want to be called back ? 

We offer the IT network à la carte, we also have menus. Check them out !
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Creator of value for IT networks

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